Europe’s Top Christmas Markets by Private Jet

23 December 2019

Plan your Christmas break today and make the most of this magical time of year. With Private Jet Charter®, you can go for a festive romantic escape and still be back for family Christmas dinner.

There’s nothing more Christmassy than a European Christmas market. From twinkling lights to scrumptious food & mulled wine, we find it hard to pick just one European Christmas market that is worth the trip. That’s when we thought to ourselves, who says we have to only pick one??

Tour around Europe and visit the top European Christmas markets with Private Jet Charter. You can, of course, pick your itinerary, but we would recommend the following 5 are definitely on your list!

Tallinn Christmas Market

Tallinn Christmas Market

According to European Best Destinations – Tallinn (Estonia) is a Nr1 Christmas Market destination when you are considering where to catch a festive spirit. With Tallinn being in the north of Europe, if lucky, you may experience some snow as well.

Having been elected several times as one of the best Christmas markets in the world, Tallinn Christmas open-air festive-season market will delight you with high-quality handicrafts, winter accessories and fill your hunger with Christmas roasts and gingerbread. All of this and more in the cosy medieval location of the old town.

Budapest Christmas Market

Budapest Christmas Market

By choosing Budapest (Hungary), you will experience authentic Hungarian folk art and Christmas traditions. Feast on mulled wine, Hungarian pastries and range of fish dishes in the markets at the Basilica, all the while soaking up the relaxed, friendly atmosphere listening to the nice Christmas concerts on the stages of the markets.

And why not to include a famous open-air thermal bath – Szechenyi Baths. Or if you prefer some fun - an ice-skating ring that surrounds the Christmas tree is also available.

Prague Christmas Market


Prauge Christmas Market

Christmas in Prague (Czech Republic) is an all-time favourite Christmas destination in Europe with Old Town Square. Prague Christmas markets with brightly decorated wooden huts will spoil you with local handicrafts and festive local food.

Somehow Prague Christmas market with all the classical list of things to indulge and yet feels much more intense amongst the others. Every year there is a different theme to the Christmas market, last year it was ‘’Fairy tales’’ the 2019 theme is yet to be announced.

For additional entertainment, you can consider visiting the National Theatre and Opera.

Vienna Christmas Market

Vienna Christmas Market

There are many different squares around Vienna (Austria) that are offering festive markets, but we would like to showcase one of the most impressive on Rathausplatz, the square in front of the town hall and opposite the Burgtheater. With around 150 sales booths offering culinary treats, confectionery and warming drinks. From traditional roast chestnut to Christmas punch.

Festive trees in City Hall park are bringing up the Christmas spirit with a special attraction for couples in love is the tree of hearts. And Adjacent park is full of Advent surprises and ice-skating trail.

Helsinki Christmas Market

Helsinki Christmas Market

Tuomaan Markkinat Christmas market in Helsinki (Finland) is providing a good mix of contemporary and traditional. Visitors can expect unexpected, as you will see some quirky stuff like holiday outfit contest for dogs or play bingo for a vegan ham. Not to miss the classics like Christmas carols and illuminated market stalls with good old mulled wine.

To feel more Finnish, why not to relax in the wood-heated sauna in the middle of the market in Senate Square.

Santa Claus lives in Northern Finland, but makes time to visit Helsinki Christmas market every day, so we hope you have been good this year.

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