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The advantages of flying on a private jet

13 May 2014

Why are more and more people seeing the advantages of flying on private jets?

Below are just 5 reasons why businesses and individuals should consider a private jet,

You have a big group of very important people: "The more people that need to go somewhere, the more it starts making financial sense to fly privately," says Samone Nankervis, Business Development Manager for Private Jet Charter. For a group of 15 extremely well-paid executives, who would otherwise fly first class, the time saved flying private can justify the cost difference alone.

In addition, group flying boosts productivity. "If there are four, five or six people flying together, they can work in total privacy whereas if you're in first class on say Emirates airlines, you have no idea who you're sitting next to," says Nankervis.

You need a multi-stop itinerary: If you have a group that needs to be ferried to and from multiple locations within a short period of time, going private makes sense (saving both time, hotel and meal fees), especially when there are no available direct commercial flights.

Take advantage of Empty Leg Flights: You can save up to 70% on picking up an empty leg flight. This is when a private jet needs to position back to its base or to a location to do a flight. These legs are sold off at a knockdown price meaning if you’re flexible with your dates you can get a good bargain. "Since we have launched a dedicated empty leg page on our website we have seen a great interest in people looking to capitilise on getting a good deal on chartering a private jet" says Ross Kelly, Managing Director of Private Jet Charter®-Middle East.

You need to fly routes that commercial planes don't fly:  Wanting to get to an airport close to your summer home in say France for example. The nearest airport served by a commercial airline may be hours from your location. With a private jet you have the ability to land at an airport close to you, saving hours traveling by car.

You’ll be facing inclement weather: When you just have to make that meeting, a private plane can often fly around nasty weather, while local storms will ground commercial aircrafts.

So next time your considering taking a flight, for business or pleasure, why not consider a private jet!