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Chartering a Private Jet Vs Business Class

25 August 2014

My partner and I travelled abroad recently and enjoyed the experience of travelling Business Class on one of the Middle East’s most prestigious airline. The new Boeing 777 was fitted with flat beds up to 79 inches long and had a 42 seat configuration. Big screen televisions for the on demand inflight entertainment system, featuring Ipod sized personal touch screens to control the individual seats and entertainment options. Now before I go on too much about business class or first class for that matter, from my past as a Corporate Flight Attendant onboard numerous different sized Private Jets it was extremely easy to make comparisons between flying on a Private Jet and Business Class.  The overall conclusion was very clear.  There is no competition as a Private Jet far exceeds anything that any commercial carrier has to offer onboard. Of course it comes with a much higher price tag but well worth every dollar.

Difference between wait times for Private Jet Vs Commercial Flying

Firstly we begin with the time waiting at the airport, although spent in the lounge is still long and boring. Being able to arrive at the VIP Private Aviation lounge merely twenty minutes before your chosen departure time is invaluable. No walking long distances between the gate and the lounge, you just relax while all of the custom formalities are taken care of for you. This is just the beginning of the hassle free process. Were you stuck in traffic or slept in a little longer than expected? This is not an issue as the Private Jet awaits your arrival and will depart at your discretion. There are no baggage restrictions either so you can take as much away with you as you desire.

First Class Cuisine Vs Private Jet Fine Dining


Now we all know not to expect excellence from the onboard cuisine, however if you forgot to order a special meal for your individual dietary requirements or not sure whether the food is going to be to your fancy there is no need to be concerned about this. On your private jet you make the initial selection and can request the food and beverages that you and your travel companions desire and also dine at your own time not when is dictated by the onboard regimented service. With a dedicated and experienced flight attendant onboard you will receive silver service to the highest quality.  Prepare to be as fussy as you like as food can be sourced from anywhere including your favorite restaurant.

First Class Seat Controls Vs Private Jet Cabin Comfort

Control the temperature on board from your seat for your complete comfort. A bed can be made up on majority of Midsize to Large Jets and being able to control all aspects of your flight means that you can sleep whenever you wish on comfortable leather seats. The lavatory is immaculate with superior amenities and perfume products. In fact you will have everything from slippers, toothbrushes, deodorant and even more personal products at your reach.

First Class Entertainment Systems Vs Private Jet Personal Entertainment

The commercial carriers do have some very impressive entertainment systems boasting hundreds of movies, TV channels and music stations in numerous languages available. On your private jet there will be a small selection according to what they supply individually but there will always be a wide selection at your fingertips with no expense spared on up to date DVD’s and music CD’s. No continual interrupting PA announcements or long safety demonstrations so you are at peace throughout the flight. All this information is delivered professionally and quickly by your own personal flight attendant prior to departure.

Conclusions about Private Jet experience

Although I did enjoy my lengthy three hour long service and general vibe on board the immaculate aircraft there is still no comparison to the experience you receive on a private Jet. Fly anywhere anytime in the glorious, luxury of a Private Jet, jump onto your awaiting limousine on arrival directly from the aircraft and just like a celebrity or member of the royal family be whisked away to begin your holiday or business trip immediately on arrival.

At Private Jet Charter we are the specialists in finding the right sized jet at the most competitive price. With over 20 years in the business and a global reach we have immense buying power to negotiate and provide numerous competitive options. It is so much easier to fly private and the only way to travel with the private aviation experts.