The future of Private Aviation

25 July 2014

With the introduction of Private Jet Charter®’s new Middle Eastern blog I would like to begin with some positive talk about the future of Private Aviation as continuous growth is predicted for the amount of Private Jets arriving in this region. Eid-Ul-Fitr is fast approaching and as the past has clearly proven time and time again for Private Jet Charter® there is an upwards spike in requests coming in as families plan to travel to Europe and the States for the celebration of humanity, brotherhood and peace.  Alas, this high demand for Private Jets is not always supported by the supply of aircrafts available. This shortage of private jets however is going to change.

Ramadan is fast approaching its final days around the 28th July so where are all of the Private Jets going from the Middle East in particular Jeddah, Riyadh and Dubai? Some of the most popular destinations are typically Nice, Paris and London and what better way to arrive than in the privacy, elegance and exclusivity of a Private Jet. But as is with Private Jet bookings they are often made at short notice so the surplus amount of requests received exceeds the number of available jets. When there are no Private Jets available to depart from the Middle East we then look to Europe to position the Jets in which is more time consuming and incurs additional costs to position the aircraft in.

There is good news for private aviation however as the Middle East Business Association (MEBAA) has predicted that the private jet fleet will increase from the current 500 to a staggering 1375 by Dubai World Expo in 2020. There will undoubtedly be an influx of new residences flocking to live in the tax free haven and businesses opening up so the demand for a Private Jet Charter® will also rise.  Businesses will explore the benefits of using a private jet for the time saving and cost effective way to conduct meetings efficiently throughout the GCC.

We here at Private Jet Charter® we are very optimistic about the future of Private Aviation as it makes its way down to the new Al Maktoum Airport, and in this region and we only see it thriving and expanding well into the future. We have seen a lot of change and growth since we opened our office here in Dubai in 2002 and more people want the luxurious and exquisite experience of flying privately and believe me from experience there really is no other way to fly.