How will the runway closures at Dubai International effect private jet users.

01 May 2014

Dubai runway closures start the 01st May  2014 until the 20th July 2014

The closure of  runways at Dubai International Airport (DXB) will impact airlines and passengers using the airport. For private jet users all flights on private jets must now operate from either the new Dubai Al Maktoum Airport (DWC) or Sharjah International Airport (SHJ). Although you may think using these airports is an inconvience, they do have there advantages. As both have a lot less traffic they don't have the same slot restrictions that DXB has become accustomed to.

So what does it mean for the private jet user?

With these airports offering much more flexibility it’s easy to change your departure times last minute with slots not being an issue. Considering the location of each, DWC although about 45mins to 1 hour from Downtown Dubai its only about 20 to 25 mins to Dubai Marina and the Palm, which is actually closer than DXB. For those wanting to go to Downtown Dubai, SHJ is about 25mins. Both airports have first class FBO facilities to cater for a swift arrival or departure on your private jet.

As DXB continues to becoming busier and busier and has overtaken London Heathrow and Atlanta this year so far to be the busiest airport in the world, DWC and SHJ should be viewed as a welcome alternative for private jet users.

If you need any further information on what airport is best to use contact our Dubai office on +971 54 33 00 350