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'Empty leg' flights catch up in the Gulf

30 December 2014

A new concept is making rounds across the Gulf region. The new service is adopted can lead to 50-70% savings on cost of private jet flights.

Private Jet Charter (PJC) explained the benefits of this service which allows passengers to hire private jets cost effectively if their schedule has room for flexibility.

As Ross Kelly, managing director for Middle East, PJC explains: “This concept, internationally referred to as ‘empty legs’, allows passengers to make use of private jet flights that would have returned empty to its base or to another global location.”

An empty leg refers to a private jet flying empty after dropping off a passenger, or en route to pick up a passenger. As the flight is already paid for, there are significant discounts offered. This concept is gaining momentum when the empty leg of a private jet matches a customer’s itinerary, thus resulting in savings.

“We have introduced this service to the region due to a strong demand for one-way trips. Our vast international network can track availability of ‘empty leg’ trips and place them on our portal for people to book,” added Kelly.