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Carbon Neutral Charter Flights

We all want to help keep our environment clean and safe. To help do our part, we encourage our clients ...

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Middle East’s fleet of business jets growing

Private Jet Charter® (PJC), one of the world's largest independent private jet charter brokers, has revealed that Nice was the ...

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Putting On The Ritz

So as you can tell from my last blog entry it has been quite some time since I have added ...

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The Holy Month of Ramadan

With the month of Ramadan on top of us, for me it is not just a month where the traffic ...


Shortage of small Private Jets in the Middle East

In the Middle East and especially Dubai more and more corporate companies are chartering private jets for their business travel ...

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Private Jet Charter at Formula 1

It is that time of the year again when Abu Dhabi is in the spot light for one reason only ...

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Private Jet Charter Gives Away Ultimate Prize

The sun is shining bright in Florida which understandably is referred to as the sunshine state and for some lucky ...

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Private Jet Interiors The Ultimate Designs

The ultimate job for any budding interior designer to win would most certainly be to work on a private jet ...

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Top Ten Reasons to Fly Private

Believe it there are many reasons that people chose to fly on a Private Jet and some not as obvious ...

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