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Top 10 Most stylish private jets

In his first guest post for Corporate Jet Investor, Alud Davies aka BizJetBlogger rounds-up the top 10 private jets, looking at ...

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Arab CEOs will use private jets as personal taxis in the future

Private Jet Charter® says 10% of Arab CEOs use private jets for leisure travel Use of corporate jets is making a ...

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Saudi Arabia is host to the largest fleet of private jets in the Middle East

With a total of 164 business jets, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has 35 percent of all the registered planes in the ...


Common questions when booking a Private Jet

What is a Empty Leg Flight? In the Aviation world you may have come across the term Dead Head or ...


UAE businessman’s average use of private jets is 100 to 150 hours per year, against 50 to 100 hours in Europe

A study done by market leader Private Jet Charter® gives some interesting results into the use of private jets by ...

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A Supersonic Private Jet With No Windows, the future of Private Jets?

If an American based aerospace firm gets its way, wealthy travelers will be able to fly from Dubai to London ...

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