Large Private Jets

Large private jets offer large spacious stand up cabins. They have a well stocked galley with ovens that ensure hot meals can be served onboard. All large private jets will have at least one Flight Attendant onboard to cater for the passengers every needs. There is plenty of luggage room for excess luggage. Large private jets are the preferred private jet for clients in the Middle East. They are ideal for medium or long haul travel or short hops when there are 10 passengers or more.

Reasons to Pick Large Private Aircraft

Large private jets can take from 10 to 15 passengers depending on which aircraft is chosen.

Spacious stand up cabins and seats that can be turned into beds are standard on large private jets.

Large private jets contain larger holds which can be accessed easily from the cabin.

Example Range:

Dubai to London | Paris to New York | Riyadh to Nice