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Falcon 7X Jet

Falcon 7X Jet

The Falcon 7X was first delivered in 2007 and this private jet flies higher, faster and further than any of its predecessors released by Falcon. The 7X outperforms similar aircrafts in its class due mainly to a new engine and complete redesign.

The Falcon 7X boasts three engines, one on the top of the fuselage and one on either side. It has the capacity to fly 5,950 nautical miles which ensures that our VIP clients can fly direct from Dubai to New York in comfort and style. The upgraded engines also reduce the cabin noise and vibration making it ideal for business travel.

Features inside the Falcon include four large format LCD screens and everything can be monitored and adjusted by the LCD display including cabin temperature, lighting and entertainment. The cabin itself measures 6.2 feet high, 7.8 feet wide and 39.1 feet long and is classified as a long range jet with a configuration of up to 12 passengers. The cabin is the epitome of comfort with a baggage compartment at the rear which is accessible throughout the flight through a joining door. There are four fully reclinable leather chairs situated at the front of the cabin as you enter from the galley. In the middle, a large square dining table is surrounded by four leather chairs ideal for group meetings or to share the dining experience during the journey.

Although with a possible configuration to fit 15 passengers the 1.88m high cabin sits 12 passengers for best of comfort. The 7X is equipped with a full rear toilet, a front and rear galley including a rear pressurised baggage compartment allowing you to access your luggage during your flight.

11,020 km
11 - 15 passengers max
140 cu
+971 4 299 7878

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