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Private Jet Rental

Private Jet Charter ®

We offer a luxurious, seamless private jet rental experience for our customers based in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. Choose when you want to fly and where you want to land. Select any airport, large or small. Flying on a private jet gives you ultimate flexibility. And on board, you will enjoy the luxury, privacy, security and personal attention not offered on commercial carriers. Does it get any better than this? Check in a mere 20 minutes prior to departure at dedicated facilities and VIP terminals located conveniently around the world. With fast and secure immigration processing, you can focus on the simple pleasure of enjoying your flight. Custom-made menus to suit your very own palette. From a simple, fresh snack to white table cloth gourmet dining. Just tell us your preference. We can even serve a meal from your favourite eatery.  

Additional Services

Transportation:  We will be happy to arrange for private transportation before and after your flight to provide a flawless trip from start to finish. Aircraft Branding: Should you wish for your personal name, corporate logo or a special theme to be printed on various items in the aircraft, our corporate aircraft personalization service is ready to assist on all private flights. They will create ideas to promote your brand on menus and in-flight entertainment to uniforms and napkins.