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Boeing 737-500 VIP

Boeing 737-500 VIP

The Boeing 737 500 Jet is a short to medium range twin jet for distances up to 2650 km. Developed as a short haul, low cost jet, this Long range Executive VIP jet has been reconfigured from the usual 148 economy, to 44 Business Class seats. Although lacking a sleeping environment this Boeing Business Jet can be retrofitted with Aviation Partners Boeing winglets for improved performance. These wing tip extensions reduce lift induced drag and provide some extra lift allowing for improved takeoff performance.

The aircraft has an MMO of Mach 0.82 with a cruise speed of 0.745. Other members of the Boeing Family include the 4 next generation models 737-600, 737-700, 737-800, and 737-900ER models, ranging from 102 ft (31.09 m) to 138 ft (42.06 m) in length.

With a cruise speed of Mach 0.745 this long range jet can travel 1430 nm / 2650 km (based on paypload) which is equivalent of flying from:

Dubai to Jeddah | Riyadh – Istanbul | Jeddah – Rome


n/a km
n/a passengers max
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+971 4 299 7878

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