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Boeing Business Jet

Boeing Business Jet

Get carried away in style in undoubtedly one of the most exclusive and comfortable ways to travel. The Boeing Business Jet series are a variation of Boeing airliners specifically for the corporate jet market. This large aircraft can play host to between 19 up to 50 passengers with a luxurious configuration.

These glorious aircrafts can include a master bedroom, washroom with showers, a conference/dining room and a large yet intimate living area. Depending on the journeys length and passenger numbers the BBJ will usually take up to 3 pilots, 1 flight engineer and up to 5 cabin attendants.

The sheer size of this amazing aircraft exudes a certain class and power for anyone flying on the jet and is certainly the ultimate in private jet travel. The maximum speed the BBJ can reach is 890km/hr and has a range 11,480 km or around ten hours flying time. Dubai to the United Kingdom and Europe, Dubai to Capetown or even Dubai to China is a distinct possibility although a fuel stop would be required in order to reach the United States from Dubai. The runway distance required for takeoff and landing is typically 8000ft or 2,400 metres so this must be taken into account when searching for suitable airports.

Chartering the BBJ is putting a high premium on mobility for both the airplane and the individual. If you prefer to travel like you live on the ground with access to an office, bedroom, shower, dining facilities and entertainment areas the BBJ provides all of this with exceptional quality and space.

11,612 km
16 - 52 passengers max
640 cu
+971 4 299 7878

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